HeartNote, July 2, 2019: Waking with Fear

Waking up with fear is an insidious, corrosive feeling. It happens to millions of us every day.

There are thousands of reasons, from wondering how you're going to make the bills when the first of the month comes to whether or not you matter. We ponder the future while wondering if there's anything that will help us move outside the parameters of this god-awful morning moment.

I have learned to look at this process differently. And as of tomorrow morning, I am going to apply this mantra to my first waking moments with this statement:

"Will you begin this day in fear or in love?" It's more than a decision, it's a shift in your awareness.

And since anxiety has you around the throat when you get out of bed, do the following when you wake up: Stop. Move. Ask yourself the question: "Fear or Love?"

A few weeks ago I posted something that Boni Lonnsburry said about "refuse the fear."

Yeah, but you have to go one step forward. You have to choose Love. The possibility. The belief. The knowing that there is a benevolent Universe that has our back and whatever we're going through right now is, in the grand scheme, going to be OK. "Love is Letting Go Of Fear" by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. is a great book to read in order to clarify this.

It is the only way to go. It will heal your morning anxiety and help you revise your daily perspective in your first minutes of the day.

Make these attitude changes your first moves in the morning.

And make Love your first thought.



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