HeartNote, July 24, 2019: Early

I want to be as honest and helpful as possible today, so I need to take a small step off the path my path to help you continue on yours.

I tend to get up early. This helps sidestep my anxiety. See, even though I've walked through these steps with you, it still happens. I get afraid. And it hits me most often first thing in the morning.

It did today.

Within my anxiety I mostly think about, like so many of you, how all of this stuff in will fit together. Where my efforts and focus will take me. How to repair what I have broken. How to stay on the path of faith, ease and love. And I sit with this. Then, because the anxiety became the alarm of awakening today, I breathe. And I pray. Then I know.

I have faith. I believe. And I know.

I know that, in this very moment, Love is the absence of Fear, so I focus on Love. And I move into feelings of love for other, for myself, and for the first moment, I'm ok. I can feel my body. I close my eyes and breathe. I know the Universe/God/Jesus/Allah/The Quantum Pull/The Big Electron is Love. And I'm still OK.

If I place my focus on Love my thoughts, even for a moment, I feel loving. Love is ease, gratitude, and belief. It is kindness, patience, and understanding.

And it is Faith. Knowing. In a state of peace.

I breathed into that this morning. I visualize the love in my life because "where you focus goes, your energy flows" is a tenet of my faith. And I keep breathing in the Love.

I am writing this in bed. The sun has come up. My anxiety is gone. My focus is in love. I have breathed in peace, and exhaled gratitude.

This is what I want you all to do today. It just worked for me. It does every morning.

And I want so badly for this, all of this, to work for you.

If you need to talk or respond to this or any of these essays,

write me at ed.mcshane@gmail.com


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