HeartNote, July 25, 2019: Faith Is Love

Giving you a quick breakdown of a thread that has been running through these emails since late May...

I know in my bones there is something bigger than all of of that has a healing power within it. I believe it is a divine energy that binds us together, that brings us peace, and that elevates our care and concern for our family, friends, and all of life.

This energy surrounds us and gives us all a chance to be better. Happier. More accepting. More caring. More full of life.

That energy is Love.

If we believe in a Higher Power, fine. Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, whomever, it doesn't matter. All of them have one spiritual tenet that unites all of them together:

"Love one another."

To demonstrate our belief in the energy of life, we show Love. But to believe in this energy in the first place, to have a grasp of the possibility of its existence, we have Faith.

If Love is the engine, Faith is the key in the spiritual ignition. Faith is the mechanism to both create and transport Love to one another.

And both Faith and Love are absent of Fear. When I am unafraid, I am open. And my openness holds all sincerity, genuineness, empathy and kindness.

Fear defends us against pain. Faith, however, helps us know that whatever the pain might be, we can address it appropriately. Love believes that our pain will teach us a plethora of lessons about empathy, healing, and belief in ourselves.

It is the most beautiful and most sustaining spiritual and emotional circle within our life.

Believe. It's OK right now, right where you are. It's OK. We're all in this together, bringing a little faith and love to each other, and ourselves, as best we can.


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