HeartNote, July 26, 2019: Love Fearlessly

"...as we help ourselves and each other let go of fear, we begin to experience a personal transformation." Gerald G. Jamplosky, M.D., "Love is Letting Go of Fear."

Do we have a choice anymore?

Let's visit a small list of a few conditions that are created by fear: Prejudice, anger, depression, anxiety, judgement, rage, control, selfishness, inconsideration, narrow mindedness, exploitation, imbalance, unfairness, greed, avarice, pride, dishonesty, unhappiness, loneliness, despair, and hate.

And now Love:

Brotherhood. Togetherness. Understanding. Patience. Kindness. Acceptance. Ease. Laughter. Tolerance. Inclusivity. Generosity. Gentleness. Giving. Grace. Gratitude. Peace. Excitement. Passion. Happiness. Joy.

Eliminate the former. Risk the latter.

You have everything you need to step out of the shadows of Fear. Most of you may not know it. You'll find things to be afraid of or, more clearly, to label things that you feel merit fear. The darkness of life can become habit forming. But so can our light. Danger and Threat is a perception. But so is Ease, Happiness, and Love.

Choose Love. Start today. This moment. Begin with yourself and the next person you see. Smile at them. Look at them with kindness and consideration.

I will revisit this topic frequently throughout these next few weeks. I am discovering that the need to focus on love as the go-to state of mind has become more necessary.

In the coming week, I will begin to look more deeply at the need for a critical component of our lives that provides lightness to our love and ease to our efforts.



See you Monday.


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