HeartNote, July 3, 2019: "Believe it and You'll See it"

So let's start here:

The late Wayne Dyer popularized this quote, but it's been around for a long time. "Know It. Then God Will Show It" is another one that I like.

We grapple with this. Most of us are hardwired to get the evidence before we can reach into a modicum of faith. I suppose Missourians must have the toughest time of this, but any one of our jurisdictions could be the "Show Me" state. We just don't take a step without clear and convincing evidence. Irrefutable proof. Collectively, we need hard evidence before we take a step forward into anything, let alone consider a risk into a new reality, emotionally or otherwise.

But folks, I'm serious. It's time now. You just have to believe. Life is absolutely more than what you see in front of you. "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." Antoine St. Exupery nailed this decades ago. It's now time for us to sincerely and positively believe the same thing. Let's get to this, OK?

First, believing is a two step process.

Inhale a little Faith. That's first. Breathe it in. You step back and "deep breath it;" you take in a real lung filler and say to yourself something like, "yeah, I've got this.", At first it will feel a little reckless, even slightly silly. Any step out of our empirical comfort zone can prompt just a pinch of weird. But it doesn't last very long. Then let it out slowly.

You just took your first little step into belief. Faith. Knowing. Trust. Whatever word works best for you.

Then feel the sensations. Feel what's being generated from the "yeah, I've got this" and add one more sentence: "This feels right." Feel that sucker in your spleen. Feel the "yeah" part of that sentence run through your circulatory system. Shake that thing around. You're going to want to take another breath, and bring in the faith one more time on the wings of the clean air.

Nice, huh? Rest with that a second. And be proud. You just took your first step at "seeing rightly."

It's really late, I want to write more but I want to get this out. But I will end with a saying that is on a bracelet on the console of my car.

"Trust in the Lord (or "God," "The Universe" "Jesus" "The Big Electron" "Sky Mom," "My Higher Power") with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge him/her/it and he/she/it shall direct your paths."

I'll explain that a little more tomorrow.

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