HeartNote, July 30, 2019: Mirror Neurons and Laughter

If you've ever laughed when somebody else was laughing, you've activated your mirror neurons.

But I need to throw this in first: Although the issues surrounding laughter are certainly scientific, the magic in the moment of exchange between two people that are laughing together is far more than the physiology that directs traffic within the bazillions of neurons exploding in unison.

The shared laughter between two people is one of the deepest expressions of the spiritual effervescence of love and happiness known to mankind. Laughter is emotional synergy. One plus one plus humor is an endless succession of consecutive offerings of energy to the rest of us. And its exchange of contagiousness keeps this cycle going until we're trying to catch our breath but truly not sure if we want to. The laughter is just too much fun.

Do you know how contagious laughter can be? Watch "succession of offerings..."


Those are the mirror neurons working their spiritual and emotional magic.

The nice thing about this is the science behind laughter is distinct. The challenging part is to understand it.

I'm attaching a short video t in order to widen our understanding of what these mechanism offer. But here's what the essence of how mirror neurons do for our ability to laugh. This is by V.S. Ramachadran, a neurologist and professor at the University of California, San Diego.


We are on the path of mindfulness, forgiveness. and release of all this toxic anger that has clogged our consciousness for a long time.

And what better release is there than laughter?

Tomorrow I'll begin to explain how all of this mindfulness stuff compliments laughter, and how laughter can help us dance along the road of awareness. Even if you have to force it a little.

Yeah, that's actually a thing. And I'll be darned if it doesn't get you laughing.

More tomorrow.

Oh, P.S. I got yesterday's date wrong, but I wrote the essay late and made a couple of typos too. Sorry.

Wait. P.S.S. Do me a favor and send this to a few, like five, of your friends, OK? Just forward it to folks you might think would benefit from these five-day-a-week pearls of wonder, OK?



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