HeartNote, July 4, 2019: Feel it. No, really...

When I introduce people to this process, often their initial reaction is the skepticism. Actually, that falls a little short; their reaction is closer to complete denial.

It never fails. If I speak to anybody about how to feel at peace, feel at ease, feel relaxed, they get it. But when I speak about feeling love for someone that has harmed you, feeling abundant financially and spiritually, and feeling happy as soon as you get out of bed, the looks I get range from "poor man, you've lost your mind, haven't you?" to "I'm sorry, I didn't understand you. For a moment, it sounded like you were mimicking the Inuit Throat Singers."

For you to feel propelled into appreciation, love, abundance, happiness, and health to name a few, you have to feel you're already there. Not think it, not cogitate on the concept, not ruminate over the variables of the condition, but feel it.

Let's look at the most universal example of this premise: Love.

Think about the face of the first person you fell in love with. And think about the moment you knew you were truly twitterpated.* Go with that for just a second.

How ya feelin' right now, hmmm? Maybe smiling just a little? Heart somewhat a flutter?

See? It's that easy.

We know how we felt when we first discovered the butterflies of love. We can feel it now. No matter how old you are, when we rest on the moment we took our first turn of the romantic wheel, we can't help but get a little tinge, a little pinch of energy back within us.

The same thing happens when you feel any of the aforementioned variables above. You have felt abundant. You have felt happy. You have felt healthy. You have felt appreciative. You now just need to revisit those feelings and bring them to our emotional table again. Give them just thirty seconds of focus and you're back.

Bring the memories into your heart. You will create the energy of health, abundance, happiness and love again. It's just how it works. It sounds nuts, I know. But you have to do it to know how that light within you gets stirred through the focus on the goodness within each of the aforementioned points of goodness.

We are just inundated with such crapola out there about how to be happy. Some of it is OK, but so much of it is just swinging in the wind. No depth, no foundation, no texture. Just know, honestly, that there's only one way that works.

Recall the feeling. Bring it to you. Hold that recollection in your heart.

That light will stay with you as long as you come back to that feeling.

You've got this.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about how imagination helps circulate and enhance the vibe within your heart.

Happy Fourth. Sending my love to every one of you.


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