HeartNote, July 7, 2019: James Doty

Something happened.

I ran across the book, "Into the Magic Shop." But it wasn't that I ran across it, it was how.

I was looking for the book, "Love is Letting Go of Fear," by Gerald Jampolsky. As I ordered the book-which I received, read and love-I saw the book by Dr. James Doty, "Into the Magic Shop" underneath it. It was on the list of "Other books you might enjoy" that comes up right after you're ready to pay for the book online.

When I first saw Dr. Doty on YouTube, I didn't like him. I recall that I thought he was a little abrupt, maybe kind of bossy. I wasn't sure why this guy, the founder of the Stanford Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, could sound off to me.

But I knew he was a heavy hitter in the merging of our brain, heart and spirit, and I thought I'd give him one more shot.

And there was his book. So I bought it.

It was one of those, "something just urged me to buy the book" kind of feelings. I call those "switch-flippers." A feeling comes up and you almost unconsciously follow. It often feels easy, flowing in the response. No resistance, and it feels good.

I have read the book. I'm knocked over. I've never read anything like this from somebody this entrenched the medical and neurological side of the spiritual street.

I am in the midst of listening to an interview he did with the wonderful Krista Tippett from "On Being" fame. Here's a line that she quoted from the book:

"The brain doesn't distinguish between an experience that is intensely imagined and an experience that is real" and that "the brain will always choose what is familiar over which is unfamiliar."

This week, for at least a couple of essays, we're going to take a trip through the book, "Into the Magic Shop."

It's an absolute game changer. I didn't expect this book, or any book, to have so much of an impact on my life at this stage of my development, but then this showed up. Go figure.

We're about to have some serious fun in this blog. I feel like a little kid. See you tomorrow.


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