HeartNote, July 8, 2019: James Doty Preview

I want to make sure I'm clear about a couple of things.

This book is based on an event that changed James Doty's life. Doty met a woman named Ruth one summer while living in Lancaster, California. He was twelve. Doty came from an impoverished background: alcoholic, abusive father, battered and depressed mother, timid older brother whom Doty tried to protect. Ruth gave him techniques to calm his mind, focus his thinking, and believe in the principles of focusing on a goal until you bring the goal to yourself, and believing that nothing can get in the way of you accomplishing your dream.

There are a couple of things that I want to make clear in this process. First, I think what you're about to learn is spelled out with such clarity and form you'll be able to repeat the practice and continue your focus daily. Secondly, although I have written about the process by recommending books by Pam Grout and Boni Lonnsburry, James Doty's book carries a little more weight. Although Grout and Lonnsburry wrote about the essentially the same thing, Doty breaks the process down and brings a fair amount of science behind it. I like that. And I like that this guy who as a physician has every reason to dismiss this process, yet instead shares both neurological credibility as well as his own personal results.

Lastly, I'm going to write here exactly what Doty has in his book, but only the parts that are operational. I still urge you all to buy it. I had a friend that picked off a copy for five bucks today. Scrounge around and get one soon.

Sorry to delay the launch of this. Writer's block is a real pain. See you tomorrow as I borrow from James Doty and we walk together Into The Magic Shop.


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