HeartNote, June 10, 2019: Begin Again, Lightly

This can be maddening.

The stop-start nature of our attention can take away from our consistency and our focus. Specifically, even when we write things down, it's normal to multi-task. Often, It's not only the nature of our daily life, it's second nature for our consciousness.

But when you're attempting become more focused, understanding and calmer, a little consistent practice is needed.

And that word "consistent" is often a challenge. When you're managing a family, a job, overtime, the laundry, exercise (if you can fit that in) and the requirements of sleep, showering, and eating, one more thing to be consistent about is pretty much off the table.

I referred to Steven Stosny last week. He states in the book that in order to heal yourself, you have to find the good within you and remind yourself of it, particularly in times of stress. Fundamental to developing self worth. He asserts that this reminder must be done twelve times a day. Although it only takes literally one minute, the visualization part of the exercise can be tricky. That takes longer. And your brain can become distracted in seconds when you're visualizing anything.

So you begin again.

Start on that loop. It takes a minute. I do it when I wake up, when I walk through the door, and just before I get to sleep. I bring seven more minutes while I'm in the car, in the bathroom, showering, and eating. That nearly covers it. It's literally one minute long and becomes much shorter-about five seconds-as your practice grows. And we're talking six weeks here.

In the "10 percent better" meditation app, they expect you're going to be distracted. In fact, they have called it "normal" to come back to your breathing frequently after you've noticed your mind has wandered off. The first two weeks of guided meditation are about ten to fifteen minutes. And you'll get distracted. And you'll float off into the condition of your finances, your tasks for the day, and that itch that just started on your arm.

So you begin again. And again.

I've been on this path for nearly three weeks. I have Tomorrow, we're going to talk about bringing the energy of peace to you. Thich Nhat Hanh has a famous book entitled, "Being Peace." This is where we all hope to be.

Hang in there. If ANY OF YOU need to contact me directly, book a session on the website, ACOACHFORYOURHEART.COM, largely because I want so much for all of us to continue on this path. And I promise that, as I change, I will be available to talk to you about any of the changes you're experiencing and the issues you might be having.

So you know, I'll end here by sharing the most reassuring phrase I've ever heard, quoting the four most beautiful words that have ever been spoken to me.

"I am with you."


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