HeartNote, June 13, 2019: Lonnsburry

I have books by Hal Lingerman and Pam Grout on the bookshelf next to my bed. But I've got formulas for getting the cobwebs out of my head by Boni Lonnsburry on the homepage of my cell phone.

Boni Lonnsburry is a writer in Colorado. Her award winning book, "The Map," helps with anxiety and fear, and her text gives visualization tools to create your reality. She is a living example of the phrase, "where your focus goes, your energy flows."

According to Lonnsburry, that focus I just mentioned isn't visual.

It's visceral.

Lonnsburry said she "spent days and nights of (her) life petrified that things would only get worse" because she was "on the verge of bankruptcy." She "had no job, no money and my house was in foreclosure."

Fast forward, and she visualized happiness. Her first step, and I love the way she phrased this, "was that I gave up the fear." She said, "NO MORE (her capital letters, not mine.) I refused for fear even one more day."

She continued, "Right this minute, I'm safe and I'm good. I don't need to feel awful just because I don't have money."

"I would rather be an happy bag lady than an unhappy anything else."

That, my friends, is an attitude changing masterpiece of a statement.

She goes on to explain how she put aside five to ten minutes to train herself into feeling "prosperous, creative and making a difference." She visualized meeting with components of her higher self at a place she thought was beautiful (she chose the South of France, even though she'd never been) and as she mentioned the aforementioned feelings, she then felt what she thought they were like.

She felt what being prosperous was like. She felt was being creative was like. She felt what making a difference was like.

She felt each one of these feelings, as she felt best. And she felt the hell out of them.

According to Lonnsburry, it recreated her reality.

I am just re-starting this practice again, and I will document my results as I go. And I expect marvelous things to happen. My change was that it lowered my anxiety and raised my sense of gratitude and expectation of wonderful things occurring around every corner.

The practice was worth it for that alone. Now, however, I'm going to hone this down to a five minute point.

Takes a little imagination. Takes a little practice. Takes a little focus. I did this either 1) as I'm drinking my coffee or 2) when I'm in the shower or, again, 3) when I'm in the car.

FEELING the feelings, according to Lonnsburry, is the essence of your change. It re-creates your reality.

Be the change you want to see? Feel it first.

Bring these feelings out. Express them best you can. Dance with these feelings. Celebrate them. Make them fun.

I mean, how could feeling prosperous/creative/and making a difference in your world be anything else?


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