HeartNote, June 14, 2019: Trust

"Visceral not Visual." I made that up while I was writing yesterday, and I wish I would have thought about this thirty years ago.

Been wondering how to distinguish the difference between thoughts and feelings without saying "thoughts and feelings" for the thirty millionth time, and there you go. Stick a pin in that, please, because I'm going to revisit that frequently.

Like today.

To me, Trust as always been a tough one. When expressed, the word Trust is often preceded by, "You've just got to...."

Trust is a huge boulder for just about everybody. It needs no explanation. Any injury, any slight, any betrayal, any disappointment can make stepping one big toe back into the shallow end of Trust a bit daunting.

And Trust is often expressed as a command. It's a little like the "Just Do It" of our emotional states. It always seems to be preceded with the emphatic, "You've just got to...."

Doesn't quite work like that.

Trust plums the depths. It is a visceral knowing. It's not a thinking. It isn't dependent on the empirical evidence. You can see evidence, but the feeling that comes from within seals the deal.

You gain and regain trust by getting out of your head and into your soul. If you hear the word "Trust," how does that feel to you? Think about the bodily sensations that come along with the word.

Yesterday, I told you about Boni Lonnsburry. Her trust developed at the point of decision, to a "knowing" that she would be just fine in that moment. She felt it. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary about her crushing financial situation, she "refused" to be afraid and transferred her "feeling" of trust to one moment at a time, just having her latte and petting her cat, never trading a moment of happiness for a moment of fear again.

It's a visceral knowing that, to quote Bob Marley, "every little thing's gonna be all right."

It's feeling that it is and will be. And here's how you do that:

To quote Margie (hard g, like grape and gold) Sutton: "Start with the little things, and try, "I trust that, in this moment, I have all that I need."

Feel that to believe it. Practice it. Daily, moment to moment, let your heart be your guide.

Feel yourself letting go of fear and moving into the state of Trust, just one tiny step at a time. Trusting again regenerates the feeling of Love in your spirit, and lightness in your heart.

It's OK. And it's going to be OK, too.

Trust me on this... :)


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