HeartNote, June 17, 2019: Humility

Humility is the partner of gratitude. I would even go as far as to say without a pronounced and active sense of humility, gratitude will disappear.

Humble comes from latin "humus" which means "soil." The place we all stand together.

Humility allows you to see the highest horizons from the lowest point.

Humility has had somewhat of a renaissance of late, and I'm glad for that. The word "humble" was often scripted in places where "weak" and "insufficient" mean. "Humble" was synonymous with "quaint" and "plain," especially when applied to our homes or wardrobes.

My spiritual definition of humility is "We are all in this together." This state occurs only when we humble ourselves to another, surrendering our ego, and standing on shared earth. To be humble means bow to the light in spirit in one another, recognizing the same light in me exists in you.

Humility is the expression of friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood and mutual understanding. We must humble ourselves to the higher offerings of the spirit.

Humility is the foundation for spiritual and interpersonal growth, connection and love. In order to listen, give, understand, and care, we must recognize and share the universal human bond within the condition and presence of another.

Humility is not bowing to the ego of another from a place of shame or insufficiency within us. Rather, it recognizing and holding closely the embrace of togetherness we share.

Humility offers the gift of presence. Not direction, advice or instruction. Humility in action offers support, attention and empathy for all of us, setting forth our feelings on the common ground humanity.

Now that you've read all the definitions, please understand that changing the person within you, particularly if you've been angry, hyperactive, opinionated, a poor listener, a distant friend, self centered, and a host of other character challenges, Humility is a good way to begin.

I am with you on this road. In the spirit of humility, we will walk together.


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