HeartNote, June 18, 2019: Unmotivated


It's bound to happen. It just is. You're busy/down/late/pressed for time/depressed/self-critical/add your own here. You just can't/don't want to/don't see the point/don't feel like it/why don't you just shut up and quit asking me/add your own here again.

There doesn't need to be an explanation for being unmotivated. Some days regressing into your jug of ice cream covered in pork fat and fried mozzarella cheese blossoms while drinking a six pack rests at the very top of the motivation triangle.

But when you get done, don't worry. Cheese curds and beer stains will come out of your couch someday. Breathe deeply and take another walk with me.

The hardest part is applying this process-any process, for that matter-for the long haul. You really don't want to look at any kind of haul, particularly a long one. Even though it's that "one day at a time" thing that you're probably tired of hearing, you can and will knit those "times" together to begin to see change.

You also want to look back at the reason you began to keep up with this. Revisit the original place of need. Start again with me. Think about what you wanted to change. Anger? Depression? Anxiety? Insecurity? We've covered those, and we'll continue to. AND YOU CAN ALWAYS CONTACT ME for any help you might need? OK?

I still like you.

We're good.

Show up tomorrow. We're going back to the basics for a little bit. And here's a hint: It involves Yoga With Adriene. Stay tuned. And here's another look at ice cream. I couldn't get the computer to load up a picture of fried mozzarella cheese blossoms...


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