HeartNote June 20, 2019: Yoga With Adriene, Anxiety Breathing Special

There was a night not long ago that I was desperate to address my inner fears and I wasn't far along enough in my meditation to address the process.

My daughter was in a yoga class and she felt better. She gets...well, she's a lot like her father. Deals with the same stuff sometimes.

So I Google'd "Yoga for Anxiety" and up came this young woman named Adriene. She's a natural teacher. She also has a had a fair amount of practice in yoga.

That, or her body is absent of cartilage.

Two things about online yoga that like. One, I know exactly when it's going to end. Two, the breathing.

About a third of the way through the video Adriene teaches "alternate nostril breathing" or "Nadi Shodhana." I am committed to doing the yoga daily, but it's the breathing that truly makes a difference.

I would have thought that I'd been introduced to this throughout the years, but I either don't remember or it never came down my path. Nevertheless, as dear Adriene said in her video, this practice is a "game changer."

I found a short article that talks a little about the effects of this breathing on the nervous system. It's worth the read: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3681046/

Here's the video. The breathing part comes at around the three minute mark.


I am committed to doing this daily, too. Again, it's another tool in the box, arrow in the quiver, or what have you.

But this is a really, really effective way to keep your anxiety down, and it worked for me.

And up until this breathing technique, not much else did.

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