HeartNote, June 24, 2019: Inside Out

Went to Santa Barbara to see my cousin Margie (hard "g" as in globe and glee) Sutton yesterday and she ran a story past me.

She said she knew a woman named Eileen that was built like a fireplace with a head. Big woman, strong, and was a great bowler. Not so much a great Mom, though. Yeller. Angry. Just kind of generally pissed. Kids went in a few different directions.

One day she went bowling and the cops were outside on a drug bust. A kid was shot and killed. The bowlers interrupted their went outside to see what happened.

There was a body lying in the parking lot with a sheet over him. All that were visible were a pair of shoes.

Eileen let out a scream. She recognized her shoes. It was her son.

From that point onward, Eileen changed. People would see her as the months went on and were welcomed by a quiet, calm, accepting and very spiritual soul. She could have hardened herself given the loss, became resentful and filled with rage, but instead elevated her spirit to a higher level.

This is what I want all of us to do in this process together. No matter what has happened to you, this is possible. Just a little practice begins to make an elevated, calm, mindful walk second nature.

I bring this up because I wrote about motivation Friday, what keeps us going throughout our lives. We reach crossroads every day. Some of these are profoundly emotional and challenging to the marrow of our sense of reason, familiarity, expectation, and life itself. We are faced with decisions that either turn us within or stop us in our tracks.

Margie put it this way: "It is a conscious decision to be a better person for yourself and glow in the light of the better person you’ve become. You can’t help but express that in your words and actions, and others will feel it from within you. They will know not from your words, but from the change you experienced."

Eileen was a kinder, easier person. She rose into a higher spiritual consciousness to save her life. People came closer to her. At the end of her life, she had shed her old identity and became the person she was supposed to be.

Keep going. Make the time. Just a little effort will change things profoundly over time, if the effort is daily and consistent.

It is taking your inside goodness, that perpetual light, and revealing it to the world. Trade in the anger, resentment, grudges, criticisms, and let it all go.

Be the light. Others will begin to notice the change. It's already happened to me.

More importantly, I've noticed it, too. I breathe differently. I speak less. I stay calmer. I speak more quietly. I can't help any of this now. It's just becoming normal to me. This light is seeping out. And I'm thrilled at the changes I feel.

Stay with me. This is going to happen to you. Hang in there. More good stuff this week.


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