HeartNote, June 25, 2019: Your Voice

We can hear the feelings of another.

But when we pay just a little attention, we can hear our feelings, too.

Ever listen to yourself on a recording? Not always an easy sound. So many people respond with, "Do I sound like that?" And if you have ever heard yourself when you were angry, it can be a shock.

At the same time, hearing yourself when you're calm, easygoing, and at peace offers you a different perspective.

Our voice carries content, volume and pitch. Our conversations transmit our meaning.

And if we manage our voice and speech correctly, what we say and how we say it reflects more of who we really are.

So listen to your voice. And here's a great tool to use when you're attempting to ascend to a calm, easy affect.

Think about rocking a baby. Think about calming a friend, child, or someone you know. All of you are familiar with at least one.

How do you sound?

Your voice is softer, more measured and regulated. It contains more empathy. It's deliberate, and it waits for the right moment to add something that may require a whisper if anything is to be said.

This is the sound of calm.

Many of us have a distinct auditory skill. If we hear something, we can understand it as well as when we see it.

If I sound like I'm relaxed, my body follows. My mind begins to ease. And this, in turn, affects my speech. It's cyclical. I find it easier for me to manage. I can hear myself speak, I can listen to the tempo, timbre, and content. I take often take in one deep breath to help redirect my tone, and I feel instantly better. I can change this on a dime. When I hear myself say, "Speak softly" that kicks in immediately. However, when I tell myself to "Be Calm," not so much, at least not yet. I'm working on that.

Use the tools you find that will be calm your countenance. But, in the meantime, try listening to your voice. You'll find that when you speak calmly, your body will relax.

What your ears will hear, your body will follow.


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