HeartNote, June 27, 2019: Reading

You want to have something to read with you all the time. Doesn't matter what it is.

I don't care if it's a comic book, "War and Peace" or a really well written and insightful blog full of insights and wonder :) .

As long as your eyes are going across a page, any page, keep going.

Some of us have a hard time with this. When we're young, reading was neither emphasised or supported. Sometimes it was a challenge. We often weren't interested. Or we couldn't stay focused, maybe had trouble retaining what we read.

Doesn't matter.

Just pick something up. Start with a newspaper or magazine, blog (this one) or other things you're interested in. If you can't read for more than a minute, that's fine. Start there.

I'm writing this thing, and I didn't read my first book cover to cover until I was 19, and it was "A Catcher In The Rye." I had read parts of classics, "Invisible Man," "Romeo and Juliet," "Journey to Ixtlan" but nothing really stuck.

Instead, I read newspaper columns, mostly by Mike Royko and Bob Greene. I could hear their voices in the writing. It was as if they were telling me their stories. I could keep that in my head. Comprehension began to take hold. Then I made sure I read people whose voices I've heard: Scott Simon, Garrison Keillor, Hal Lingerman, David McCullough and others. That's how I started reading.

I don't care how you start, just keep at it, even if you give it five minutes a day.

Reading fends off loneliness, keeps you happy, helps your memory, enhances your creativity, lowers your blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and make you an overall better person.

This is part of the one hundred day program. And we're about thirty days through it so far.

Through reading, you will become a more thoughtful, relaxed, less reactive human being. It will help you focus. It will give you a better emotional footing on life.

Read. Just read.

Thank you.


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