HeartNote, June 28, 2019: Copying Personas

Your persona is the way a person appears.

And if you see or connect with an appearance of another person, copy it.

I want to make sure I'm clear, since asking you to be like somebody else is somewhat contrary to the trajectory of this series. I am not asking you to surrender the feelings that are sincere and resonating within you; I am, however, suggesting that if you see a person that you feel embodies the actions and mannerism you hope to achieve, work on adopting those patterns into your own emotional and physical mannerisms.

There are men and woman that demonstrate qualities that I admire and would love to adopt as my own. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to behave like another person as long as you assign your own feelings to the actions.

I listen and watch Pema Chodron, Father Greg Boyle, Thich Nhat Hanh, Krista Tippett and Garrison Keillor, just to name a few, and admire aspects to their personas. For example, all of them share a sense of deliberation and ease in their speech. As you read earlier in the week, this is something through my meditation and inner work that I personally strive to change. These people I just mentioned possess what I hope to hold within me. Therefore, I will practice regulating my pace and volume to sound like them, behaving like the person that I strive to become.

There is an old saying, and it applies here: "Sometimes it's easier to behave like you want to think than it is to think like you want to behave." This practice supports that theory.

I see an innocence and openness in this behavior. When we were children, it was second nature to look to others for guidance and emulate their behavior in order to shape our own. In this chapter of redefining our spirit, looking to others for guidance is common for reassurance and growth.

What we see as peaceful in another can become peaceful within our hearts. Assign your own meaning and spiritual signature to another's example, and your behavior can gradually change from the emulation of their behavior.


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