HeartNote, June 3, 2019: The Slack

Racehorses come out of the gate quickly, startled and excited at the prospect of a new run, then maintain speeds that can help them win the race as well as hold enough energy to accelerate when needed. They set a pace and hold it as long as they're able.

We, however, are not horses. Our paces are often erratic despite our efforts to sustain our focus and our commitment.

We run out of the gate, convinced we're doing beautifully, full of energy and conviction, then we throw a shoe, get stuck on the rail, and other racing metaphors that can you can place here. In short, we get sidetracked (yes, also a racing metaphor. You're welcome. That will be it for today.)

We are going at the "one freakin' day at a time" pace. Cliche, you bet. But the only way to go?


Breathe. Breathe again. And stop. Then just start over. And cut yourself some slack. One day is not going to mean you're failing.

You just got distracted/tired/busy/preoccupied/depressed/slowed/anxious/angry/etc. You know what you've committed to continue. You're still on the road to change. You just stopped for a second. Just step into the forward motion again. Consciously watch your breathing. Forgive an old hurt that still rattles in your mind. Smile at somebody with three screaming kids because you know nobody else will.

Then go back and meditate for a few minutes. Read a page out of "E3" by Pam Grout. Bring yourself back to calm awareness. Be mindful of your volume. And you'll do fine.

For me, it's been ten days and two people have already noticed a change in my demeanor. When there's no Plan B, sometimes change happens quickly.

Oh, yeah. There is No Plan B. I'll talk about that tomorrow.


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