HeartNote, June 4, 2019: No Plan "B"

Ever heard of the phrase, "After this process, the person you were will change drastically into the person you've always wanted to be?"

I have to. And I've never liked that phrase. I want to like who I am, not experience an overhaul.

We want to straddle the line between self acceptance and growth. Often, we are just fine in who we are, but there are adjustments in all of us that need to be tweaked a little.

And that's the catch. What adjustments? What part of me needs change?

We are loveable human beings that are created out of the best stuff. But most of us live with a either a little or a lot of question about our value at any given part of the day.

This self value, or "self esteem" as it is referred to most often, grows when we risk change in order to become the person we'd like to be. And universally, the person everybody wants to be is generally defined by two terms: Confident, or calm in who we are, and happy.

Take the steps toward who you want to be. There is no "well, if I don't make the changes this time, I'm sure I'll get another chance down the road."

No. You have now. This is a good time to change. Don't rest on "Plan B" for later, or other circumstances, or when the time is more appealing.

Keep up with me today. Read Grout. Do your 10 percent better App. Tomorrow, as I think I've said in the past, I'm going to introduce you to Steven Stosny. He's an expert in how to help your self esteem or, as he puts it, your "Core Value" rise so that you manage one of the most troubling part of our emotional expression that needs monitoring and oversight as much as any other: Anger. Stosny's Core Value exercise helps ease the feelings and return you to the inner good that you inherently hold as a part of the human race.

Please stay with me. There's no Plan B. Just today. Just now.

Let's make this the best summer of your life.

If you want to talk, call me. We can work out anything together, that's a promise.

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