HeartNote, March 1, 2019: Your Morning Routine Revisited

There are four things that you want to do every morning. Note that I put "want to" as opposed to "have to." These are entirely voluntary. They are also short.

I want to make this really clear. If all you do when you get out of bed is pee, shower, grab your coffee, get dressed and go, that's fine. Nothing's wrong with that and, frankly, that's what most people do in the morning.

But there are four things that usually work to jump start your feelings about life, and I'm going to list four of them. I have written about all of them here and there, but this is the first time I'm putting them in one place.

First thing: Smile when you get out of bed. Wavy Gravy, the extraordinary human being who runs Camp Winnarainbow in Northern California, has the word "smile" painted on the ceiling over his bed. It's the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes. Whether you put the word on the ceiling or on your bathroom mirror, make it THE FIRST THING YOU DO when you get out of bed.

Secondly: Refuse Fear in every measure. Boni Lonnsburry wrote a book called "The Map." She talked about how she changed her perspective by altering her focus from the negative to the positive. Her first step was to "refuse the fear." She said, "I refused to trade my joy for fear even one more day." After you smile, make that your first thought. Whatever is worrying you, punch it out of your consciousness. Refuse it. Replace it with the choice to be happy.

Third: Pam Grout, the author of "E squared," starts her morning with the following statement: "Something amazing is going to happen today." She says it readjusts her focus so she looks for that "amazing" thing. Once you have that mindset, you start seeing all kinds of things that fit into that "amazing" spectrum. Your attention to the positive gets reinforced.

Fourth: Turn on music in the shower, but choose songs that bring you up. Music heals. And it can get your battery started. My shower songs are as follows, and in this order: "On The Road To Find Out," by Cat Stevens, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, then whatever song is suggested in "Life Streams" by Hal Lingerman. It's a beautiful book with daily inspirations matched with classical music for the specific day. Those get my through the shower, shaving, hair, teeth, and getting dressed.

I have had challenges with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. I do this now every morning. For me, it's better than meds. It works. Please do this. Your life will be much happier.


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