HeartNote, March 19, 2019: Attraction instead of Promotion

You want to stay anchored into what is attractive, and it's not putting on better threads or tightening up your makeup.

Attractive is what others see without the effort of being seen.

Promotion is about convincing people, persuading them, winning them over. This is not only a waste of time, it's manipulative.

I understand how much we want to be liked, approved of, and supported for who we are. It's often a standard, and even normal, part of our daily life. We want to be competent in our job and well received in our relationships in order to feel good about ourselves. We have been trained to see life as a cause and effect endeavor.

But this is an external effort. Our essence, the person that we truly are, doesn't need to be pushed or highlighted or promoted.

Love is not recruited, love is offered.

It's an odd paradox. We set out to be loved, but we eventually realize that the only way we receive love is by giving it: Being kind, patient, forgiving and accepting draws love to you.

And when that happens, it honestly won't matter how much love recieve; the love you offer is far more sustaining. You stop advertising the need for being loved. You live only from a place of goodness that shares that spirit with all those you encounter. It's more than just your actions, it's your energy that comes forward from the essence of your love. Your light travels for miles. People just can't miss it.

This light of generosity, forgiveness, and kindness will draw forward those that have a similar light, and those whose lights have dimmed. We don't need to make a sign that says "Find Love Here." We need only to love one another, as best we can, and the light of that love will be returned, always and every time, through the kindness that we share to one another.


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