HeartNote, March 6, 2020: Faith in the Bag

Jaime is a friend of my son. She relayed this story to me last week.

"One of the best presents I've ever received was within the contents of a bag no bigger than the palm of my hand."

She said, "I was having a really hard time. But the circumstances of my life weren't any different than they'd been at any other time of my life. You know, work was tough but manageable, the relationship had been challenging, but for some reason I felt tired. My confidence was way off."

"I needed some kind of a jolt. I was contemplating everything from divorce to relocating. I actually really loved my job, and my husband was a wonderful man. But I could feel myself begin to slide into a state of hopelessness. Every morning mattered less than the morning before."

"Then out of nowhere, I went into my office and I found a little bag. It said, "From your coworker."

Brown, tied with a bit of ribbon, just resting on my desk, with a note attached to it. I still keep the note in my purse." She reached in and pulled out this little laminated square. Carleigh read it aloud:

“Inside of this bag is the key to a good life."

"It holds intelligence, creativity, and goodness. It has given me great joy, and I want you to know what it is, too."

"In this bag is the most special thing in this place. I believe in everything this bag holds, and I hope that, when you see it, you will too."

"Use all the good in this bag, but know how extraordinarily powerful it is. You’ll see what I mean the second you open this bag."

"Most of all, you will find Faith. You will see the thing that you've been searching for all along, the one element in your life that you can believe in, that can access and hold close the power and presence of God."

"Keep it with you as a reminder of how much I love you.”

The she reached into her purse again. She pulled out a little brown bag, tied together with ribbon. She opened the bag, and a small piece of glass fell into her hand. She held it up with two fingers.

That piece of glass was a mirror.


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