HeartNote, May 13, 2019: Twenty Little Victories

-Letting go of a grudge, an anger or a conflict, maybe only for the morning

-Focusing on your breath at the end of your nose instead of the chatter in your head

-Screaming (or, maybe speak distinctly) "Something amazing is going to happen today"

-Stepping lightly out of the shower

-Smiling at the face in the mirror

-Exhaling while saying "Thank you"

-Texting somebody and ask how they are

-Following up the text with a call

-Smiling at yourself in the morning mirror

-Refusing the fear for one more minute

-Getting up

-Holding your hands out to the light, palms up

-Taking. That. Deep. Breath. And. Slowly. Out....and one more time, again.

-Loving the taste of that first sip of coffee

-Thinking of your parents as five year old children...and let the anger toward them float away.

-Watching, reading, or listening to something that makes you laugh

-Accepting your weight. Be cool with it today.

-Eating slowly so you can taste the food

-Crying if you want to

-Looking around you as you go to bed and say, "I made it. Today, I made it. Good for me."

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