HeartNote, May 17, 2019: It's OK

I went through the bookstore the other day to look at what other kinds of self-help books exist out there. There are quite a few. I saw volumes of what seemed like, essentially, the same thought, the same sentiment, over and over again.

I saw books on inspiration, intuition, love, relationships, small stuff, and big stuff. Spiritual things, motivation, hope, help and happiness. I didn’t realize that there were so many things I could improve upon.


And the more I thought about it, the worse I felt.

My reflections began to take my head into places that I’d not been into for a while. I started to evaluate myself with a little harsher tone, thinking that I’d not been as spiritual or motivated or hopeful or happy or anything else that their books said I could be a whole lot more of. I kept thinking that my soul needed soup and my head needed a heart, and if I would’ve gone back and found just the right book, I’d probably know exactly…well, what other books I’d need in order to get started on the process of great big change.

This was just too much for me to digest. I got into my car, started the ignition and, before I drove off, I told myself the mantra that I tell everybody who has ever come to see me. And as I’m driving off out of the parking lot, I said this little mantra one more time and I felt better immediately. All my clients know this, too. It is the foundation to the attitude that I bring to my practice and my life, whenever I’m depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, bothered or even a little homicidal. Two phrases, and my head is instantly readjusted.

It’s OK. And, you know what? It’s going to be OK, too.

That’s it. I am here to tell you that every person who has enlisted my services to help them with their life, their love, and any or all of their feelings gets exactly the same perspective.

Here’s why: it is only this perspective that they are coming to learn. These two phrases are the foundation of all happiness and contentment, no matter the issue, the history, or the difficulties at hand.

People seek out assistance with their issues to find two questions: Am I OK?, and Is it going to e OK? Am I good enough, smart enough, talented enough, sufficient enough to get through one more day of this life, no matter what the obstacles or difficulties that await me? And, is it going to be OK even though I don’t know the future, don’t know how my feelings, thoughts and behaviors are going to change, and am unsure about my reactions to it all?

The answer to both is: Yes. You’re OK, and it’s going to be just fine.

Will you have difficulties? Absolutely. Are you going to be scared, anxious, bewildered, and uncertain? Without a doubt. Will you feel depressed, lonely, upset, and like you are generally no damned good? I guarantee it.

But when the day is done, you’ll have conquered another several hours of all that and more. Your head will hit the pillow, and you’ll still be alive. Your heart will beat, your body will rest, and the sun will show up tomorrow. It is a conquering, too. You’ll have won over your emotions, and the day will end with peace.

This is what we all do. All of us wake up, slay the daily dragons, whatever they may be, and go back to sleep. It is what a part of our life becomes: underneath all the doubt and worry, we still move forward, do what we do, and do it again. That’s one part of our life, a part that we all endure, an aspect of life that always gives us a little pause, a little doubt and trouble. But at the end of the day, the same sentiment still stands, for every one of us.

You are OK.

And it’s going to be OK.


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