HeartNote, May 27, 2019: Get Grout

Day Three of the 100 Day Challenge (and from now on, I'm not going to use the word "challenge." Instead, I'm thinking about using words like "Riding on the Joy Bus" or "DanceAThon with The Angels," something like that.)

I made a mistake. This morning I looked at the "Toolkit" and thought, "why don't I come to your house and scream "THE SKY IS FALLING! NOW GO DO ALL THIS STUFF AND MAYBE YOU'LL BE OK!!!!!"

Not the way to induce change. So we're going to take another approach by citing some references right out of the gate.

The first is Pam Grout.

I'm going to quote some lines from her book, "E3, Nine more energy experiments that prove manifesting magic and miracles is your full time gig."

The deal is this: Mindset first, tools along the way. And Pam Grout is great at changing that mindset toward, as she states, "Joy is your natural state and should be your guiding light on this earthly journey." As she sees writes, it comes down to two principles: "The Universe (or God/Allah/Buddha/Mohammed/Krishna/Jesus/Mother Earth/Father Sk pick whatever you are most comfortable with. Here's a few more suggestions from Pam: The Field of Infinite Potentiality, The Divine Spirit, The Dude, Quantum Fred) HAS YOUR BACK and EVERYTHING IS GOING TO TURN OUT OK!

And these two are just on page 11!

So here's the deal for Day 3: Commit to living in Joy today. Here's how Pam says to do it:

"When your thoughts center on joy, love and peace, your life experiences will be one of joy, love and peace."

I'm going to remind you all of this foundation of thought throughout this process. This is where we're going. This is what, to me, it's all about. And everything that I put here will be, in some measure, a complement to that thesis.


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