HeartNote, May 28, 2019: Get Lingerman

I am lucky enough to call Hal Lingerman my friend, mentor, and life long influence.

Born in New York, Hal has been the interpreter of spiritual conundrums as long as I can remember. When I first read "The Healing Energies of Music" I was completely knocked over.

Hal is my mentor for the tangles in life, grounding me in kindness keeping my eyes toward the heavens. And it is in this capacity that I will refer to him throughout this process.

Yesterday I introduced you to Pam Grout and her book "E3." Today is a book from Hal Lingerman, one that you can use as a DAILY as point of meditation. It's called, "Life Streams" and it is clearly the best and most intricate book on daily spiritual healing and growth, that I have ever read.

It gives you a daily theme, offers a point of focus, outlines a short meditation, then a "musical keynote" to listen to at any time throughout the day to offer a sense of peace, depth, and insight to the focus and meditation.

I have never run across a daily meditation book that offers a musical compliment to the words on the page, and this book brings a different and deeper dimension to any other meditation book I've read.

Music can be, and often is, a meditative and centering tool and a vehicle for ease. This book directs you to meditative musical selections every day to assist in absorbing the day's thoughts.

See if you can get "Life Streams" online. It truly helps begin or end your day in peace.

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