HeartNote, May 29, 2019: Foundation

I have recommended two books and an app that I think are terrific. I picked these because I have instantly benefitted from them and I hope you will, too. One book helps my attitude, the other book reminds me of goodness daily, and the App helps with my breathing and mindfulness. Remember, I'm taking you all on the journey with me. I'm doing things more seriously and with consistent conviction now, and I should have done this a long time ago. But these are a great start. Pam Grout is an easy read for emotional and spiritual attitude adjustment.. Hal Lingerman is a spiritual daily reminder book with a foundation of accompanying meditative music. And the "10 percent better" App gently introduces you to the process of meditation and mindfulness from a very easy, grounded perspective.

But I try to keep present: Gratitude and Faith. On my right wrist I wear a bracelet that says, "Exhale Gratitude." Gratitude literally makes the brain happier. The more you are grateful, the happier you become. David Steindl-Rast, the wonderful spiritual teacher, said that "It isn't the happy people that are grateful, it's the grateful people that are happy."

Then, on the home screen of my phone is the following quote from the Bible: "Whatever you have asked for in prayer, believe you have received it, and it shall be yours." Being expectant of the good things helps the focus off the bad. Knowing that the goodness in life is on it's way is a great way to elevate your hopes and faith in life. I read my home screen frequently, and I think this week I'm going to read out loud. This sentence is the spirit that has popularized manifestation, everything from "The Secret" to the now copyrighted quote, "Thoughts become Things." I believe that, and it's been documented that, as my amazing cousin and Spiritual Wake Up Call Margie Sutton tells me, "Where your focus goes, your energy flows."

Keep the faith. You're doing fine. The Universe has got your back. We're in this together.

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