HeartNote, May 30, 2019: Audible Support

So you know, we're on the beginning of Week 2. My "Come To Jesus" Moment was May 22, 2019 so I'm starting from that point in the 100 day progression, with two days off on the weekend because you 1) need to do some stuff on your own and 2) I never liked homework on the weekend and I'm assuming you don't either.

About Support. Whenever you're in a crisis or confronting a problem, you panel your interpersonal jury. Most of us refer to that jury as "friends," or "family" but some fall under the guise of "therapist" "counselor" "minister" and "co-worker that you're pretty sure you trust even though you've only known each other for a year." You start talking to somebody about what you're going through. It's common. Some of us are very private, and just put their head down and figure stuff out for themselves. I don't understand it because I've never experienced it personally, but I know a few people who need to be alone to work out their stuff and I respect that. But the "talking to somebody" thing helps in two direct fashions: You hear the your voice as you speak, i.e. the problem becomes audible and you have somebody who wants to listen and tell you that despite the issue, you're OK and it's going to be OK.

I have a list of people I can speak to, and I try not to wear them out. Up until a week ago, I could talk a blue streak for hours on end about me, me, myself, me, Ed McShane, me and myself. I am blessed with patient, understanding friends. They put up with me.

But if you're going through something tough and want to talk, fire up a phone call. You can text, but to really get the best result, have a conversation with somebody. And if you're short on people to talk to, or just feeling like those you know won't understand, fire up the phone number at the bottom of the page. We're going through this together, so I'm happy to listen.

Want to talk? Need some clarity? Could use a friendly ear?

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