HeartNote, November 1, 2019: Aliens and the Winnebago

This was a story I wrote ten years ago. It will be illustrated and published soon as a Children's Book.

I want to share with you a true story. This helps if you’ve got a kid afraid of somebody or something looking into his bedroom at night through the window. A kid that can’t go to bed by himself. Whether you’re a parent or a sibling of a younger sister or brother that may have this difficulty, this worked really well for me, and I thought I’d share. And, for those insomniacs out there that may have the same problem, this one’s for you, too.

I had an eight year old little boy in my office this week. His mother brought him in because she’s become frustrated with his ability to go to bed on time, stay asleep, and not wander into her bedroom, hoping for one more chance to sleep in bed with her in order to ease his fear.

His anxiety is centered around the possibility that Aliens will come outside his house and peer in through his window while he’s sleeping.

This little guy gave me a great dissertation about this process, claiming that as early as last week he saw a UFO and immediately told his grandfather about it. He told me that his grandfather said it was a bunch of balloons and that he should forget about aliens looking through his window and keep sleeping in his room.

The Mom told me that she hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in about three months, and taking him to counseling was the last straw before she medicated him into slumber every night. She was really hesitant to do this; after all, he is only eight. But she is at her wits’ end.

This guy came into my office. He told me about the aliens. He said that he’s sure they’re looking at him through his window while he’s sleeping. He said that this really scares him.

Here’s what I told him:

“You’re right. Sometimes aliens do come down to our planet, peer into windows, and go on to the next house and do the same thing. They do this a lot. It’s their version of sightseeing.

Aliens come down here for vacation. That’s it. That’s their only purpose. They come down, maybe land someplace or just hover for a while, and check out the planet. They live on other planets in other galaxies. They come down in order to get a little rest and relaxation from whatever they do day to day in their cities and towns, far away up there.

And their spaceships? Think of it as a big RV. Kind of like taking the Winnebago out to the Grand Canyon. Except, in the case of an alien family, Earth is like DisneyWorld to them and looking into your window is just part of the show.

And the aliens that look into your window? Kid aliens. The adult aliens know that it’s not polite to look into somebody else’s window and they know it’s not polite to stare. That’s why they don’t stay long. They let the kids have a little look and then, that’s it. They take off to see another house.

So, bottom line, kiddo, you are probably a pretty interesting person for the aliens to want to stop by and have a look. And, remember this is summertime. The aliens go on their vacations just like everybody else. Come first week of school, you won’t see any of them anymore. They have to go to school just like you do.”

Last night, I heard from his Mom. He slept in his room.

Gotta love that kid.


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