HeartNote, November 12, 2019: "Through You... Not By You."

My friend read my essay on "Rights" yesterday.

He wrote the following, and I think it's just so on target that I wanted to share with you.

"Good Story....Wu-Wei, the Chinese Taoist way of saying, "Go with the Flow."

"Be alert, don't force, flow like the river, all that is necessary will be accomplished through you, not so much by you."

This is a centerpiece of sincere expression without fear or manipulations: Through you, not by you. "By you" is ego driven; "through you" is fueled by the Spirit.

We yield to the God's love. The power of the Universe has our backs, and "all that is necessary will be accomplished through" us, if we let it. We allow the flow, we don't plan or manage or control the energy. If I understand this correctly, we just let it go. We have no conditions or expectations on how our love is accepted

We don't force love, we allow it to come from our heart. We don't push; rather, we let go.

We don't set something up so that the expected results will be received; we give our love away, allowing it to be received and absorbed in whatever fashion the recipient allows.

This is the basis of sinere, compassionate and altruistic loving communication. We allow love to come through us. It is not by us, as a result of our efforts, but as a connection-through us- with our deepest and most profound feelings.

It requires us to "be alert" as my friend said. To me, being alert means to be in the present moment. That alertness allows us to be gently focused and attentive to the feelings, expressions, and energy of another. We move to their vibration, and we respond in kind.

When I talk to my friend a little further, I hope to add clarity to this process. He has "go with the flow" down to a science.


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