HeartNote, November 14, 2019: "A Tree Remembers"

My spiritual advisor for thirty years wrote a poem. He's written many. He's great like that.

It is the first time I've cried at a poem in...well, I can't remember. And I cried while reading it in a McDonalds. A poem is really good if while you're reading it, you're crying in a McDonald's, distractions be damned.

I thought I'd share this with you. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.

"Through falling rains and each unfogging of the Sun,

a tree remembers,

for once I followed you on the journeys of your days.

I have seen you surge with moods of flame and blue,

and I watched your young and angling limbs

wrestling with the roots of life's embracing arms of wisdom.

My waiting is near children shaded in the moistened soil

as campus leaves and loves are passing,

blowing like the days-away

an even as I stand, my own autumn leaves are colors changing.

A tree remembers,

I have heard your schoolish laughter echo through the halls,

all the shouts of "you and me forever" together

and the cries to spaces in between.

But it is quiet now,

the doors of empty lockers hang limp and open,

printed facts and courses lie forgotten in a corner,

the grass is breathing green

The new assignment is never certain: graduation flashing, passes,

your wordless looks stir songs of frightened birds startled from their flight of dreams.

How long is last or where I go -

the ground I know will shift and be tomorrow,

but this single tree will long remember:

once I touched your face

with my smile and bending branches

and suddenly your arms and limbs reached out in music,

we caressed and leaned together;

held inside a glass of silence, our eyes met

with all the words we cannot say....

Then you turned, I moved,

a different look between us knew

in a sudden wind we parted

the axe of time fell through and broke our mirror of delight


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