HeartNote, November 18, 2019: Wu-Wei and the Dopamine/Serotonin Dance

I want to clarify Friday's post about being most readily found in a state of "Aahhh" instead of the feelings of "Wow."

Here's another explanation. It involves the aforementioned chemicals in your brain, Dopamine and Serotonin. And I'll break this down carefully.

Dopamine is the feeling that takes place when your team comes on the field. That's excitement.

Serotonin is the feeling you get when you're walking on the beach or holding a baby. That's "aaahhh."

If we are agreed that Joy is in the moment, and to sustain it the feeling must linger in our consciousness, this is Serotonin. This one clears the path to Joy.

I don't want to reduce this spiritual wonder of expression to two small chemicals in the brain, but it's important to know what activates Joy and how it stays there.

Happy is the younger sister of Joy. Joy is where are thoughts go when we see that everything we are experiencing is good. Everything. My cousin Lorraine told me this weekend that when she shifted her focus from thinking that her hip replacement was awful to knowing that "this was the best thing that ever happened to me" her hip stopped hurting.

Joy is the everything is good, no matter what state of mind. Acceptance. Gratitude. Taped together by our friend Serotonin.

Stay in Gratitude. Stay in Acceptance. Speak only Love and Faith...

...and you create Joy.


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