HeartNote, November 20, 2019: Wu-Wei, Point Two

From my thirty year spiritual adviser, and to repeat, here is the nine points of Wu-Wei that apply to our everyday lives:

1) Commit to Living In Constant Joy

2) The Internal World Projects Inner Thoughts. Be Happy, Get Happy

3) Notice All Blessings, Then Blessings Notice You.

4) Be Unconditional. Critique, Labeling Shuts Off The Energy.

5) Thoughts Become Things: We Feed What We Breed

6) Let Go: The Universe Will Handle the Details.

7) Stop Looking At Faults

8) Follow Your Joy.

We covered the first, "Commit to Living in Constant Joy," over the last couple of days. We addressed the definition of Joy, and the components that underscore that commitment.

Today, let's begin to cover the second point, "The Inner World Projects Inner Thoughts: Be Happy, Get Happy."

This statement is at least two thousand years old. The quote "As a Man Thinketh, So He Is" was in the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor in 161 AD. Speed up to the twentieth century and you'll find it in books by Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Earl Nightingale to A Course In Miracles, Louise Hay, Pam Grout, James Doty and Mike Dooley saying the exact. same. thing.

Even in the Bible, the phrase, "Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe you have received it, and it shall be yours," is in the book of Mark, 11:24. It's been around a while.

This is an important concept to latch on to. Thoughts really do become things. And our internal dialogue helps control what we project to the outer world, even what events take place in our lives. As an example, I have referred to James Doty's book, "Into The Magic Shop" where he literally thinks and visualizes his way through life in an assortment of situations.

This happens. I want you to believe this, and I will be showing you techniques that can help your energy modify and even create your reality.

Initially, we must know that how we project ourselves, our thoughts, and our feelings creates a tangible energy. We can tell when somebody is angry, when they're down, when their relieved, depressed, happy, anxious, withholding, nervous and calm. We can feel it when they're sitting next to us, we can see it in their eyes, their posture, and we can hear it in their voice, no matter how subtle the tone or inflection.

We have physiological reactions to emotional states, and this energy is transmitted to those around us. So, for example, when my spiritual adviser says, "Be Happy, Get Happy" you will always get what you transmit. He could said, "Be Angry, Get Angry" because it's the same premise.

We must be conscious of our feelings and our attitudes as best we can. These project our energies all throughout our bodies and into the atmosphere. I wholeheartedly believe this. I have seen the proof in people that have sat before me for almost thirty years now. Their energy comes through the room before they do.

And I am certain every one of you reading this has had the same experience, whether it's with a parent, a friend, a co-worker, a boss, or your child, you've just "sensed" that something was either off or really good, and you were right!

This is the posture that I will be following in the next couple of days. I'll explain how we focus on the good, stay in gratitude, and believe that everything in our lives is here to teach us how to respond in the best manner possible.

Be Happy. Get Happy. What a wonderful way to exchange love in this life of ours.


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