HeartNote, November 21, 2019: Step 3, Wu-Wei

Notice All Blessings, Then Blessings Notice You.

This is what the grateful heart encompasses.

When we notice all that we have around us as blessings, then the blessings come to us. There are anecdotal evidence wherever we go, if we just pay attention to the signs.

In the runaway best sellers, "E2" and "E3" Pam Grout gives example after example of how our energy notices only a limited scope of reality. Grout asserts that when we are grateful, we widen our expanse, our vision, of what good there is in this world. The expression of gratitude for "the sun, the rain, the health and the pain" is a comprehensive letter to our attitude that, no matter what, there is always something to be happy about, always something to be grateful for if we keep our focus there.

There are books, quotes, and stories of exceptional change placing emphasis on this constant reality in life: a change in our moods takes place when we shift our focus, no matter our condition or fear of pending challenge, from the negative to the positive, from pain to peace, from challenge to ease.

Where our focus goes, our energy flows. We focus on the good, our energy flows to that place. Same as if we focus on the dour, disappointing, fearful and unhappy. Nothing is unhappy unless we feel it is. All is good when we focus on the blessings of the world, and live to create the happiness that we're here to facilitate.

And as far as the "blessing notice you" part. Put it this way: Offer happiness, and watch how people respond. Offer forgiveness, and see how much easier it is for those to forgive you. Offer understanding and patience, and you will receive the same. Offer joy, and joy will boomerang from their spirit to yours.

Blessings are reciprocal. It's the nature of the world. Begin this practice. Notice (acknowledge) all blessings, the blessings will notice (acknowledge) you right back.

Smile at somebody. See if they don't nod, look, or smile back. Speak to somebody kindly. See if they don't do the same.

We think these are big deals. They're not. They happen every day.

Try this tomorrow. Man alive, are you going to have a great day....


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