HeartNote, November 23, 2019: Wu-Wei, #4

#4: "Be Unconditional. Critique, Labeling Shuts Off The Energy."

We have a discerning intellect. It is our first survival technique. We quickly know the difference between comfort and pain, sour and sweet, hot and cold.

As we age, we evaluate and take account of the sensations and place them in their categories of "good" and "bad."

From this measure, we begin our journey. We experience the physical (concrete operations to fine motor control) to the emotional (sadness, laughter), from the cognitive (one plus one is two) to the intuitive (sensations and emotional judgements.)

But as we move out of childhood, both categorically and emotionally, it become necessary to fulfill the components of our most enduring experience, the spiritual energy the one that guides our relationships among friends and family. This is where the first steps of love provides us with a spiritual, ethical, and moral compass.

As we age, we set our preferences in life. This is the beginning of defining our intrapersonal identity. Often in adolescence and young adulthood, we narrow this perspective of our likes and dislikes to anchor our identities to certain trends, habits, and attitudes. For many, these attitudes remain, even when confronted with new or changing feelings and preferences.

It is at this place in life that we begin to narrow our choices and follow a more linear emotional and intellectual path. Employment and career help place these automatic judgments into play, with one day's experiences overlapping with another. Routine often takes over. We can become intellectually and emotionally dormant.

It is our responsibility to our spiritual, ethical, moral and emotional standards of humanness and spirituality that we recognize all those that have taken other paths in life, honoring and offering compassion and understanding to those whose paths are different, foreign, and even inexplicable.

We must remain open and curious, accepting without judgement those that have travelled in different circles, communities, and cultures. It is our responsibility as citizens of this beautiful atmosphere of humanity not only to refrain from judgement but to love those for sharing the planet with us.

No conditions. Our light within us shared with all others.

Acceptance without Expectations. Friendship's spirit with all beings.

This is Unconditionality. This is Unconditional Love.


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