HeartNote, November 27, 2019: Thanksgiving Past

We remember when the Turkey hit the floor. We remember when the conversation went south. We remember those times when tempers went sideways.

Remember the following instead:

The first time you made the meal on your own. The way your Mom or Dad dressed when they came to the table. How you prayed before you ate.

Remember the first smell that cascaded through the room the morning of Thanksgiving. Think about the first time you were old enough to help in the kitchen.

Reflect on the times you discovered that there were people that you knew, parents of kids with whom you went to school, that had lost their jobs, and you wondered what they would eat on Thanksgiving.

Remember the first time you, as a adult, helped somebody else have Thanksgiving dinner.

Think back on traditions that passed, retrieve the times and moments that are memories.

Take a moment:

You've gone shopping, put together everything you've needed, and now are ready to embark on the system of fantastic creation from the blessing of this bountiful, abundant gift.

Please pause before you jump to your first cup of coffee and begin stirring, heating, chopping, pouring and pulling together this majestic meal.

Stop now. Stand still. Take a deep breath, and think of those who loved you. Think of those who prepared the meal for you when you were small, who worked so hard to put the food in the pantry and the refrigerator to present you with another memorable day.

Think of all those who have sat at the table with you, those who are still here, and who have left this earth to sit at another table tomorrow. Bring back their love for you, remember their presence, and take just a moment, just ten short seconds, to thank them for sharing their lives with you.

Take a another breath. Be still for one more moment. Hold this feeling. This is a deep love within you. Keep this love in your heart. Every thing you prepare, every word you say, every smile you present, and every prayer of thanks you pray.

Bring this love with you. Breathe in the peace that surrounds them now, and share their peace with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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