HeartNote, November 4, 2019: The Peace of Music, Revisited

I was sent a beautiful piece of music by a dear friend. Franz Schubert: Entr'acte no. 3 from "Rosamunde", conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas. He said the following:

"The Spirituality and Peacefulness of Music is perhaps the quality we musicians treasure the most. It's what sticks with us long after the performances are over."

"It can bring us to tears because the beauty of music can seem too fragile to last, so each time we play it we we create it. We are so grateful to be preserving it and sharing it with you."

He called this piece, "total simplicity." This illustrates the connection between music and the most quiet places within us: Simplicity. In totality.

Music is the resonant presence of our collective soul, in whatever tone or vehicle it is: Our mother's voice, the first whispers of language, the atmosphere of all that holds a rhythm of beat, of tempo, of a note, then another.

We gain peace from connection with the musical reach of life, in every sound we hear, the tonality of life plays the messages of language, ambiance, and silence. Our heartbeat keeps the cadence, our breathing the melody of life. Peace begins with the music that is us.

We are music. We hear the timbre of life within the visceral tempo of being.

Our choice of song dictates mood, each note a passing contribution to the waves of life we digest, establishing the sound of our identity. We grow into our preferences of musical expression, through the breath of our voice to the music in our ears, we establish our own songs.

Music is life. Every sound in the Universe is a note of living expression and love.

Create your soundtrack of Peace. Listen with Love. Be alive with sound. And speak your expression, your music, of all that is uniquely you.


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