HeartNote, November 8, 2019: The "every time" of Peace

With Peace, the hard part is playing the odds. And we honestly think that the odds of character, routine, expectation, and anger are against us.

We think Peace is a longshot.

But here are the odds.

Whenever you see thousands and thousands of people around the world, staging a protest or demonstration, it is an effort or endeavor for creating a greater sense of Peace. They outnumber the anger within the protests of hate.

Every time. Look it up. Use Google. I'll wait.

And each person you can ever reference organizing such protests knows the long odds going in, and every time the message of Peace grows.

Every time.

It is ridiculous to assume that Mohandas Gandhi can have protestors flood the towns of India to reverse Britain rule, having his followers beaten and killed in the name of justice and peace.

It is absurd to think that some guy named Martin King, a young Baptist preacher from Atlanta, could lead marches through segregated cities and have his followers risk death in the process.

It is preposterous to assume that some little woman from Albania named Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu would join a convent, change her name to "Teresa" and work in the ghettos of Calcutta bringing attention to the world about the impoverished and neglected.

It is astounding that little Greta Thunberg, Aspergers and all, can shore up a worldwide movement, firmly and with intelligence, against short sightedness and selfishness when it comes to the climate.

They only thing that they possessed was conviction and faith.

In Healing. In improvement. In the betterment of the underserved.

Begin, please, by being of service to the heart of one another.

Smile. Forgive. Understand. Listen. Encourage. And Love.

Bring Peace. One person at a time.

May you have followers in astounding number.


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