HeartNote, October 1, 2019: 90 days, Inner Peace Version

If I write about things I truly need to do, absorb, and adopt as a lifestyle, I'll do them. Therefore, these next three months will be a series of essays designed for and devoted to maintaining daily, centered state of emotional, cognitive, and spiritual peace.

This will involve meditation instructions, prayer, exercise, acceptance, and developing and maintaining a perspective and feeling that regardless of our interpersonal conditions, the amount of money in our checkbook, the state of our health, the quality and quantity of our relationships, the following will be my constant state of thought, feeling and being:

I will be at peace, and I will be happy.

I'm redeveloping this process. When I was a little younger, this was something I'd just bull through. Seriously. "A Coach For Your Heart's Guide to Grabbing Serenity and Peace By The Throat and Wrestling It To The Ground." I would try to control my environment, all the people in it, my schedule, my checkbook, and just about everything else to make my surroundings consistent and calm and predictable. THEN I would feel at peace.

Peaceful outside translates into a peaceful inside, right? Am I right???

Hello? Anybody?

Yeah, it sounds silly, but this is just what we do. We try to assess and evaluate every little thing in our lives that you think is contributing to your upset. You control, manage, and literally push your way into that easy state of mind, believing that if everything was just like you want it, you'd finally get a little peace.

Now when you read that, you know it's pretty crazy.

Calm, happiness, serenity, understanding, going with the flow, acceptance, forgiveness and and all the subsets contribute to a life of peace. But it is "within" us. That awful, elusive phrase, "an inside job" will be better explained. And you'll have the tools-and there really aren't that many-to establish that condition.

We've got from now until January 1st. There will be instructions, stories, and answers to questions about how to develop this consistently because...

...as I mentioned, 'll be doing this with you. I have to walk this walk if I'm going to continue to talk this talk. And we get to do it together.

The essays will come five days a week. The topics will usually go from one week to another. I will be enlisting the help of my trusted spiritual heavyweights in understanding and executing this process.

God Bless Every One Of You. See you tomorrow.


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