HeartNote, October 14, 2019: Pedestrian Peace

Peace has lost its context. Usually you don't find the word "Peace" without it's prerequisite "World" right in front of it.

If we're ever going to see the phrase "World Peace" in our lifetime, we have to make the word "Peace" so accessible and identifiable that it's part of our daily routine. We need to make it something we can recognize in a parking lot, school yard, or coffee shop.

Here's what I'm asking you to do: Change your vernacular.

I am asking that you bring the word "Peace" into your daily life. Here's a way to begin:

Think of a peaceful scene. Close your eyes, and think of a place that you think is inherently peaceful. The beach, a forest, a river, a "calm blue ocean." Whatever you like.

Now put yourself in that place. Hold that sense of peace. Feel, feel, feel what it's like to to be standing there in that environment. Feel your the sensations in your body. Got it?

Now imagine you're pumping your gas.

Keep the feeling of you standing in the forest or the ocean or your grandmother's house, and hold that feeling, just put yourself standing in the gas station, holding the nozzle, watching the digital numbers flip around.

Still holding the peace?

If you are, you're three steps further on the road to complete peace than most of us. If you're not, but you've gotten this far into the essay, you're just behind the person who's feeling calm visualizing the gas station.

This is how you make World Peace.

You start by feeling peace while standing in the gas station, pumping your gas, feeling at ease, hanging with the experience, a smile on your face and bliss in your soul, catching the breeze, waiting for the pump handle to click so you can put that sucker back into the holster.

Nice, huh?


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