HeartNote, October 15, 2019: Peace and Resiliency

There's a TED talk by a woman named Dr. Lucy Hone. She's a researcher in resilience and well-being, and has written several books on the subject.

Peace, whether it's "Inner," "World" or "Living" is a combination of components that establish a pattern of ease, relaxation, balance and acceptance, but with a consistency and presence to return to those states of mind.

"Resiliency" defines that presence and consistency, and should be included in the prerequisites for Peace.

Dr. Hone's strategies for resilience are as follows:

1) Know that suffering is part of life, adopting the attitude of "why not me" rather than "why me?" Recognize that life can hand you difficulties. The level of acceptance, a kind of "OK, this is uncomfortable, but I'll get through it" attitude can help immeasurably in setting a foundation of healing that would otherwise take months and sometimes years to establish. An attitude of acceptance places an ease on the spirit.

2) Tune into the good. This is vague in whole, but she says the following: "We are constantly bombarded by threats all day long. Our threat focus, our threat response, is dialed up. But resilient people have worked out a way to turn into the good. They decide that they "have to survive." They choose life, not death. Don't lose what you have to what you've lost. She said that "in psychology they call this "benefit finding." By definition, it is “the process of deriving positive growth from adversity.” You take the issues a step further by emphasising the positive in the tragedy. A kind of "looking for the silver lining" in the darkness. An old Buddhist example is that "the house burned down, but now we can more easily see the moon."

3) Three things to be grateful for every day. This experiment has been replicated several times. Now research has determined clearly that thinking about and writing down three good things that happened to you that day significantly increases your level of gratitude and happiness and lowers your levels of depression and anxiety after a six month period.

Resiliency is needed in retaining a state of Peace. These three suggestions assist in that process.


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