HeartNote, October 16, 2019: Peace and "Why are you drawing this out?"

Got that question in an email.

Renee is something. I love her to death, and I'll just fire off what she had to say. She has a temper, but it's more of a regulated annoyance at life in general. She's a New Yorker, went to college in Chicago and operates a self defense studio during the day and a comedy club at night. She's my age, and told me "don't tell them how many times I'd been married, but the rest of the stuff is fine."

You can't make this stuff up.

When you read it, think of somebody with a rather loud but charming voice telling you this, her volume turned up to a "9."

She said the following: "You're taking how many weeks on this Peace thing? What is your problem?"

"Look, Peace is knowing when you need to be quiet. That's what Peace is, right? What's the big deal about this? You know I love ya, right? But I just got a hold of the last week of essays and I'm like, "What the hell is he up to now? Somebody paying him by the word? What gives? Just cut to the chase already."

"Peace means that I'm just shutting up. Yield if I need to, but make sure they understand my point. I run two businesses. I'm not here to be diplomatic. I'm here to get stuff done. But I'm not a jerk about it. I set the limits. I hear them out. I respond. Then I shut up. I let them talk if they have to, to make sure they know they're heard. I nod a lot, I let them know I understand them. But I tell them where the limit rests. If I have to be assertive when I tell them, it's only because they keep pushing against that limit."

"You want Peace? Know the limits. Know the boundaries. Know your role, know mine. Yeah, I'm the last word, but that doesn't mean I don't compromise. You won't believe this, but my employees really love me, and I love them, too."

"We'll always be in one another's life, but there are degrees of that, right? I keep to my limits, they keep to theirs. We agree on that. And we go about our business.That's it. That's what Peace is about. Am I right?"

I think she's got the gist of it.


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