HeartNote, October 17, 2019: Peace is..

I have a friend who's been a social worker for a non profit housing and education program. She and I spoke about this process of Peace in my writing. One thing lead to another, and she said that she'd collect some examples of what Peace is to those who come through the doors of her agency. She said she'd use the answers to help her clients, and pass the answers along to me.

I got her email this morning.

"Hey, here's what I did. I put "Fill in the blank: Peace is..." to my clients. Ran off about twenty copies. Then a couple of my co-workers filled them out, too."

This is what she sent me:

"Peace is a day that my feet don't hurt."

"Peace is leaving my kids at daycare and, when I look back, they're playing and happy."

"Peace is when I can afford my rent and have money for gas leftover."

"Peace is that I can work down the hall from a window. Never worked with a window."

"Peace is a day that I stay sober."

"Peace is a day I have a mattress to sleep on.The street sucks."

"Peace is I don't know what. I ain't never got that, ever."

"Peace is God in my heart."

"Peace is donuts on a Monday."

"Peace is no anxiety, just flow."

"Peace is I can't write it. It makes me cry."

"Peace is the face of my Mom in my eyes." (this girl is seven. Her Mom just died.)

"Peace is my dog, man."

"Peace is coffee. And socks."

I'm interested in continuing this list. Feel free to send your feeling of peace by starting the sentence with "Peace is..." and then add your own interpretation. Send it to me at:



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