HeartNote, October 31, 2019: Peace's Best Holiday

Let's start with examining this statement further: The absolutely best holiday for Peace to ring clearly throughout the country is Halloween.

Without a doubt, this is the best. Not Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year's, Your Birthday, My Birthday or any other holiday. They all fall short of the serenity and peace that results from this holiday.

To prove the point, let's break it down into a variety of different emotional states that support a sense of inner peace, shall we?

1) Humility. One of the most important conscious gestures of interpersonal peace. Tell me what holiday humbles you faster than Halloween? Our costumes are judged. We will be looked at. Somebody always somebody that comes up with something so creative that your Cowboy costume just doesn't cut it. We feel dumb and self conscious. On purpose. Your ego is gone, making way for your spirit to come forth.

2) Fear. If you get a chance to visit a really good, really remote, and really unexpectedly frightening Haunted House, the fear kicks you right in your spine. Nothing reminds you the need for peace faster than having the bejesus scared out of you. You're scrambling for a sense of peace and you hold on to it all the way home.

3) Generosity: You're giving candy to complete strangers. And these strangers are children. Even better. Giving is as powerful as any gesture of peace between two people.

4) Happiness: Giving candy to kids is within the top five of what things in this world can offer us an instant smile. And some of these kids are like two years old. In little baby costumes. They can barely hold their candy bag. They have no idea what they're doing. And they look at you right in your eyes! I mean, come on. You feel better just reading this.

5) Warmth: It's dark, you're wearing a sweater, there's a glow in the pumpkin, the leaves are falling, children are bustling around the street...you're saying "ahhhh..." the comfort of the season defines a sense of peace.

6) No conflict: How can you get upset at Halloween? What's to argue about? The fat kid took two handfuls? That's the worst thing that generally happens on Halloween. Very low on the upsetting level of life. I know kids that used to throw eggs at the convent, and that didn't even make the nuns angry.

And the list of honorable mentions: No big meal to prepare, no shopping, no huge monetary investments, no relatives you don't like but have to get along with because of the holiday, no spending inordinate amounts of time trying to maintain a conversation, no alcohol, no weight gain (unless you're eating your own candy, which I highly recommend.)

Welcome to the peace of the day. Have fun.


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