HeartNote, October 4, 2019: Your Stories of Peace

Stories illustrate our lives with deeper feeling and greater meaning than directives.

Yesterday was an outline of the components of Peace. But it falls short to so many.

It's a little like describing the rain by the chemical components of water, not the way it makes you feel when you're watching it from your window, slightly open to feel the breeze, listening to the sound of the droplets land on your window.

This is how Peace should be described. And I'm asking you to submit your lines, your descriptions, your essays, your thoughts, and your experiences to me. With your permission, I'll post them.

Throughout the rest of the year, I will put up our contributions on "A Coach For Your Heart."

They will reflect Peace in your life, and the Peace you hope to share with others.

Help us know your Peace. Submit a feeling, circumstance, situation, practice, exercise, person, or place that helps you explain and remember what Peace is for you.

Let's now bring Peace to these pages, and to the hearts of those that rest on this page.


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