HeartNote, October 9, 2019: Stories of Peace: Bringing Peace

When your friend who 1) may have lost his job but won't tell you anything except "I'm ok," or 2) a new friend who left her husband and took her three darling kids to a shelter but insists that, although she's "overwhelmed" but "fine" or 3) when a dear friend starts a new job, gets laid off, starts another one, has difficulty with her car, but getting enough money to finally have her "own room" while maintaining her sobriety, mental health, and migraine management, insisting she's getting "stronger every day," what do you say or do to help these people find a sense of peace within them?

Just the following:

"I am with you. I will listen to you whenever you call. I will keep my lips closed and, if I speak, my voice will sound like I'm getting a baby to sleep. I will let you know how much I believe in you, not just because I love you, but because I see the steel of tenacity in your face, and hear the goodness of your heart in your voice."

"I know that this is the beginning of the best chapter of your life. I know it because I have felt the love, hope, and faith that rests within you. You may be upset and afraid, but you've been upset and afraid before. It passed then. It will pass now, except with a more beautiful unfolding waiting for you on the other side of this crisis."

"You're made of the same light that God has given all of us. If you ask, I will help you in whatever capacity I can, helping you find the resources that offer some relief and a little hope, laced with a light that brings the brilliance of happiness about the future within your grasp."

Then sit with them. Be with them. Hold them. Work with them. And love them with all your heart.

That's what you say. That's what you do.

That's how you bring Peace.


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