HeartNotes, April 1, 2019: April Fool's Day Is Still a Thing?

This day needs to be retired.

I'm not even sure if the spirit of the day qualifies as something that has its foundation in humor.

It's a little like this: Let's say I'm a comedian. It's my job to make YOU laugh. Instead, I'll get up on stage and LAUGH AT YOU INSTEAD. This makes absolutely no sense.

Practical jokes are often directed at a person who falls into three categories. Most disliked but vulnerable to pain, most vulnerable (insecure, anxious) or someone that takes themselves most seriously (stoic, withdrawn or angry but viewed as weak.)

And the person that puts the practical joke together chooses the victim (and, yes, let's call it what it is. It's not the "recipient." It's the victim) carefully. The criteria that I laid out is followed with adherence to the personality of the person. Practical jokes are never placed on a person who will kick your ass or have their friends throw you down a flight of stairs. The practical joker knows this, and steers very clear of placing themselves in danger.

The objective of the practical joker is to laugh at somebody else's expense. Period.

The person who is receiving joke will "go along" largely so they won't be further ridiculed. I don't remember every seeing somebody who received a practical joke laugh hysterically until tears were rolling down their face. They just never think it's that funny.

So, at the risk of being unkind, let me sum this up:

Those who inflict pain on somebody else for a laugh have limited insight and empathy.

And if you think practical jokes are funny, you're guilty of both of the aforementioned.

Work on yourself a little. And don't do that anymore.


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