Love, Anxiety and Faith

I had this line on my computer for years. “When Fear knocks at the door and Faith answers, nobody is there.”

I believe there’s a God, but I believe in the spiritual merits of an energy that connects us together. I like what Pam Grout, the wonderful author of E-squared said, calling “God” the “Force of Potentiality.” People call it all kinds of things: Allah, Buddah, Krishna, Christ, Mother Earth, The Universe, whatever.

I feel that if we connect ourselves to a spiritual energy, we are going to be in a much more peaceful place than if we didn’t.

Mind you, I’m writing this from my own experience, but after seeing thousands of people over a period of nearly twenty five years, I absolutely know that those who find a sense of peace in a spiritual framework-be it in church, through meditation, prayer, nature or a variety of different pursuits-feel better about life and have less anxiety as a result.

I have also seen people surrender their “will and their lives over to the care of God as they understood him/her/it” in dozens of situations, from their alcoholism to their anger, from their insecurities to their fears, and almost to a person I’ve seen significant improvement in their mood, outlook and, you guessed it, in their anxiety.

There is a mechanism that I’ve seen work time and time again, and I’m stealing this from the first three steps in Alcoholics Anonymous. I’m going to break it down into the most fundamental common denomination for the sake of brevity and succinct delivery.

One: I can’t deal with my anxiety. Two: Whomever or whatever I feel surround me with spiritual support can deal with my anxiety really well. Three: I’ll let It/Him/Her do just that.

A friend of mine makes this a little more accessible. She is a wonderfully spiritual person, but she’s far more cavalier in this three step process. She says, “Step One: I am tired of this shit. Step Two: You’re there, right? Step Three: OK, you take care of it. I’m going to lunch.” This is powerful faith. She absolutely believes. No question.

The fundamental point is this: To deal with my anxiety, she and countless others are able to turn to God.

Personally, I believe that my fear will lessen if I have faith in a power greater than myself. My heart is engaged within my spirit, and I can look and meditate and breathe my energies toward God, The Universe, the Force of Potentiality, Nature, Music, or something much bigger than myself to help me out of this fear. I know that whatever or whomever I regard as my Higher Power will help me direct my thoughts and fears, releasing that anxiety to that power.

I have seen amazing things happen when this mechanism is employed. Great kinds of change take place and hold tight when faith is in the formula.

And I want to make a distinction. Faith is what we know. Hope is what we see fulfilled down the road. Prayer is a request that we, again, “hope” we get answered.

Faith helps you know. We absolutely know that our Higher Power will get rid of our habit toward anxiety, and will will allow that letting go, that release to take place. We believe with all our hearts that our Faith will move past our thoughts and give us peace of mind.

It works. Believe. Find your Higher Power. And let go of your anxiety.


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